Why is the most recent post not on top (how ordering works)

This is an excerpt from a support email sent to one of our most active clients - a firm that does programming for the credit union industry.  (First names only being used.)

What happened was their project manager, Billie, posted something on a project, but when she went back to the project a few older posts were above hers, and she thought the ordering might be broken.  We looked at the screenshots provided (not included here - privacy) and concluded that she expected her posts to be on top - but Xtrant was doing its job to make sure she didn't miss anything.  We've posted the support email below so you can see the context of our explanation.   

Takeaway:  If you've posted it we know you've seen it, so even if it's newer it may appear lower on feed until we're sure you've seen everything.

Read on:

Hi Billie (Hi Everyone)

I think I see the confusion - and it's an issue of expectations that what you see on your Xtrant is always exactly the same as everyone else sees.  

Here are things to remember - anything that YOU haven't seen or acknowledged will appear at the top.  So in this case the screen shot Olivia provided show Billie's posts on top (as they are the newest posts and Olivia hasn't seen them yet.)   

But Billie might see something completely different than Olivia depending on what the system knows she's seen.

Billie posted something newer to the project, but still hadn't acknowledged some previous updates (i.e. the Green notes from Chad and Todd that are marked older than Billies notes) so for Billie those will stay on top until Xtrant knows she has seen them.

Let me tell you why this is:
  • Let's say there are three updates that Billie hasn't seen yet/acknowledged yet.  (She may have glanced at them, but since she didn't click on them or click "acknowledge updates" on the whole page, Xtrant doesn't KNOW that she's seen them.  
  • Now - let's say Billie posts 5 new notes and leaves the page.
  • When she comes back, if those 5 notes stay at the top, she might miss the highlighted ones that she hasn't seen yet as they will be pushed down below her view.

Xtrant know SHE's seen her 5 new notes, as she wrote them.  So Xtrant customize the view for her so the ones she hasn't acknowledged yet stay at the top.  Once everything is acknowledged the posts reorder chronologically.

I made THIS INFO GRAPHIC to show how all this works.

Hope this all helps.


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