Quick Xtrant FAQs

When will Business Xtrants launch?

Business Xtrants are HERE.  Go to plans and pricing to learn more.  To get set up with Xtrant for your team, business or enterprise please contact us.

How do I invite someone to collaborate?

Simply add them to the "People" list in a project. When you publish your project they will automatically be notified via email that you have given them access to collaborate on that project.  If you add someone to an already published project they will be notified immediately.  If they have never been to Xtrant before they will be sent an invitation to log in, all they have to do is follow the link and enter a password of their choosing to complete their account and see your project (and start making their own if they'd like.)

Who can see my projects?

You own and control each project you create. Your projects can only be viewed by you and the people you put on them. If they aren't on the "People" list, they can't see the project. 

What if I have sensitive material that only a few people on the project should be able to see?

When you add a person to a particular project, you can choose to let them see what we call Classified Items. When you post a document to the Shared Assets section of your project you can mark that item Classified. Only people you have allowed to view classified items will be able to see or comment on those items. 

Can I upload (obscure file type) to Xtrant?

Xtrant will accept almost any file type for upload within a project (though we may limit certain file types for security or other policy reasons.) 

We endeavor to keep a list of recognized file types (i.e. .psd for "Photoshop Document", .xls for "Excel Spreadsheet" or .zip for "zip archive") and display those files with their proper descriptions.  If you upload an unrecognized file type it will be simply labeled "file".

If you use a file type that the system doesn't recognize, please tell us and we'll consider adding it to our database.

Why doesn't Xtrant do (insert feature here)?

We've spent a TON of time (you didn't know time was measured in tons?) thinking about what Xtrant should do.  We've tried to make Xtrant a very flexible tool while keeping it simple and easy to use. 

While It's likely we've considered many of the features you might suggest and either:  (A) Plan to carefully and elegantly implement them as we update the Xtrant experience or have,  (B) Ruled the idea out as we feel it deviates from our philosophy of Xtrant (you didn't know we had a philosophy of Xtrant?), we are not so arrogant as to think we have nothing to learn from our valued customers.  Please make suggestions in the feedback section of this support site, and thank you for your interest and support of Xtrant.

Why can't I just pay to add storage to my free account?

You can, by upgrading to Pro - right here.

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